It's a Matter of Cake

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Growing up as the youngest of three, talking came late to Matthew since his older brother and sister felt the need to talk for him. However his mom will tell you that his first word was not dad or mom but “hot”, as she opened the oven to remove what she was baking at the time. Matthew’s family kitchen gave him many memories of baking and cooking with his mom and siblings, while the workshop in the basement and the outdoor shed gave him just as many memories working with his dad on many wood working projects. As a young adult Matthew’s interest in cake baking and design sparked in him, he thought it would be a great way to combine both of his favourite hobbies and create edible works of art.

Matthew’s ability to take an idea, bake a great tasting cake and turn it into a work of art, makes an amazing cake for people to both admire and enjoy.

As a graduate from The University of Waterloo with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, Matthew could not see academia in his future. Cake design had taken a hold on him and pursuing this career was the natural path for him to take. He then decided to enroll at the Bonnie Gordon School of Cake Design in Toronto, Ontario. Attending classes gave him the experience needed to build on his self taught skills and furthered the confidence that cake design was his future. Planting roots to live and work in Ottawa, Ontario has allowed Matthew to focus his talents and in early 2011, establish his own cake design company: “It’s a Matter of Cake.” Matthew is now looking forward to working with clients, designing amazing cakes, and imagining where this business venture will take him next!